Testing should be easy

Invert a trace and get a working integration test in fifteen minutes.


Engineers spend up to half their time writing tests.


Only one in eight engineers "love" writing tests.


Two out of three engineers wish their project had more test coverage.


Writing tests is like vegetables (nutritious, not delicious).

Increase code coverage in minutes

Generate fully functional integration tests, using real data, all from a trace.

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Testimonial 01
John Sandall
Kolo is a no-brainer…Highly recommend.
Testimonial 02
Sarah Abderemane
Wow. It's an amazing tool for debugging.
Testimonial 04
Justin Duke
PSA: if you have a Django app, you owe it to yourself to download and mess around with Kolo.
Testimonial 03
Mark Walker
Minds are about to be blown all over again when they see the test generation.
Testimonial 04
Ruan Martinelli
Woah, I just found out about Kolo…why don't we have the same for Node.js?
Testimonial 05
Charlie Ward
If you use Django you should check out Kolo.
Testimonial 06
Kristian Theilgaard
Kolo is without comparison one of the neatest tools available for Django.
Testimonial 07
Fabian Binz
Kolo is like an always-on debugger that lets me see all the details I need. Definitely recommend giving it a try!
Testimonial 08
Just learned about Kolo and it looks pretty insane. That execution graph visualization though…

Get instant code coverage

Get 80% of your tests generated automatically — AI optional.